Hi , we are a group of primary school kids and this is our first go at creating and participating in a blog with a little help from our teachers. As you check out each piece of art you might like to use the‘6 Thinking Hats’ framework to help you in commenting on the artworks.

To check out our most recent artwork click on either SPACED OUT or MASK ART. We hope you enjoy our artwork.

We have also recently added some rules for our blog. Click here to check them out.

Please let us know what you think.


20 responses to “Home”

    20 05 2007
      Kaye McClure (21:31:01) :     

    Congratulations on a great blog! This is a wonderful display of some fantastic talent! I hope I can make a blog that looks as professional as this one! Kaye

    20 05 2007
      Alexis Phillips (21:34:22) :     

    WOW !! Very impressive. Great to see so many budding artists. You should be very proud of yourselves.

    21 05 2007
      Sammatha Feilds (05:12:49) :     

    WOW, WELLDONE this is so cool, to see I should tell my teacher to make a My First Blog too

    6 06 2007
      Golzxx (19:39:31) :     

    Hi! nice site!

    29 08 2007
      heather (15:14:56) :     

    Great site!!!

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